8.5.18 | Helsinki, Finland
8 May 2018
Clarion Hotel Helsinki
Tyynenmerenkatu 2
Helsinki, Finland

How to boost sales with innovative influencer co-operation #Tubetour

Tallink Silja partnered up with Finnish Youtuber tour ‘Tubetour’ 3 years ago to effectively reach Generation Z and grow its long-term brand awareness among this target group.  The case presents amazing business results this collaboration has generated and demonstrates how to successfully start Youtuber collaborations and develop them further as you go.

How to make influential content conducted by the interests of the followers? – @Tubeäiti

Sometimes the channel starts to strongly develop to a certain direction, because its followers express a need to see a specific kind of content. At its best, the co-created content brings forth a whole new kind of way to influence. The weekly video series “Ask the parents whatever you want” by Tubeäiti in the YouTube channel Äidin puheenvuoro came to be because of the youth´s need to talk to a mother. There are almost 100 people supporting Tubeäiti in finding answers to issues young people present to the channel.

How to bypass million dollar marketing budgets by effectively using influencers

Ten years ago it would have been crazy to think Instagram would be the way to consumer’s hearts. Today, influencer marketing is an industry only expected to grow, predicted to claim a $2.4 billion market share by 2019. Influencers really do create valuable impact for brands. But how do you build an influencer strategy that drives sky-high ROI? Emilie Tabor will talk about navigating cost, influencer selection, measurement and more to maximise your influencer efforts.

Reactive content and creative structures @videolle

This case will be held in Finnish.


Brands are continuously looking for ways to get their customers to commit to them. One of the modern approaches is content marketing and branded content. In the presentation, Tuomas Vuori, the founder of the video agency Videolle, will go through cases and examples on what you can do to create more reactive and quality content for your brand and establish structures for creativity.

How can trust be integrated in a brand? @KyröDistillery

There’s been a huge rise of coffee roasteries, beer breweries, chocolate factories. Why are large companies losing market share to the smaller, upstart producers? The lack of trust is driving consumer choices in the times of uncertainty and fake news.

Kyrö Distillery’s co-founder and brand lead Mikko Koskinen walks through the journey of founding a distillery brand and how trust was integrated into the brand and displays the effects of trust in everyday decisions at the Kyrö Distillery company.

Finding Influencer Marketing – How Maksuturva used Influencers to gain organic attention #kysymaksamisesta @Maksuturva

The idea of the video series, #kysymaksamisesta, was to answer any, and all, questions about making payments online. We harnessed the hottest talents as well as many of the payment segment’s influencers to give short, elevator pitch-style answers on video to the audiences. The primary distribution channel was social media.
This case will explain how #kysymaksamisesta ended up being a nominee for the B2B Oscars in the Short Films Category. You will also learn about the distinctive characteristics of influencer marketing in B2B businesses.

Transformation from mass marketing to personalised marketing @thefcompany

It’s time to rethink your digital marketing! Start treating your audience as individuals, and reach them in meaningful new ways. Join this session to see how a Finnish designer brand Haikara used data and innovative tech to make €100,000 in 48 hours, and get thousands of hardcore fans. And all that a year before their product was ready.

Trust me! – Building a successful relationship with your audience

Social media influencer, entrepreneur and journalist Ebba Kleberg von Sydow (Sweden) shares her secrets. How do you build trust with your audience and the brands you work with? How do you create successful content that is meaningful to you – and your audience? And what are the biggest mistakes to avoid?

What is your brand as an influencer?

This session is moderated by Janicke Hansen.


Whether it’s thought through or not, every influencer has a brand image. Your brand image is how your readers and followers perceive you as an influencer.


While your brand image occurs independently, your brand identity is created by you through a targeted brand building. For an influencer to be successful it is essential that there is no negative gap between the two.


In this session, we will discuss how successful influencers have built their brand and how they on a daily basis are working on developing and strengthening their brand. We will also discuss the many ways of ruining your brand and how building a strong brand can affect your online authority.

What determines the new influence?

Trust is the most important commodity in marketing today, but it is the one thing that cannot be bought. As consumers and travellers become more intimately involved in their buying and travel decisions, relying on trusted sources for recommendations, we see a shift in marketing. We will explore the relationship between trust, quality and marketing as we ask ourselves what the new influence or influencer is. Interesting case studies in fashion, design, destination marketing and travel will be used to illustrate that brands can no longer “fake it” when it comes to marketing. It will be visual, provocative and practical.

Moderated by Tomi Hilvo

“Stories of Courage” – How to evoke emotions with social media influencer collaboration? #Herbina

Best marketing evokes emotions. However, emotions are personal-bound. So how to create a coherent and emotion evoking social influencer marketing campaign, when there is multiple influencers involved? Also, how to ensure emotional authenticity with the campaign that is still inline with the larger-scale marketing strategy and message? This presentation will give an answer to these questions by introducing a case example of Herbina “Stories of Courage”. This campaign with 28 influencers roused nearly 2000 organic comments on social media.

Microinfluencers in combined campaigns. #Millionhoursofjoy

Reima, Ruka and Visit Finland used micro influencers to inspire kids around the world to move more. The message was broadcast through PR events and influencer marketing as well as numerous advertising avenues. The Kidventure campaign reached a whopping total of 1,118,000 hours and only with earned media we reached more than 40 million people. The entire campaign culminated in March 2018, when families from the participating countries spent an unforgettable week of adventures at Ruka.

Transformation from travel marketing to city marketing #HelsinkiResidence

Helsinki’s secret is in the moment when you realize that Helsinki has no secrets – that everything is within reach, just for you. #MyHelsinkiResidence is part of Helsinki’s new marketing strategy, according to which all content should be based on personal and genuine recommendations.

Changing algorithm and creative content creation

Create content to beat the system or let your creativity rule? How do businesses and content creators become visible on web and social media? The algorithm for how Google, Instagram and Facebook shows content changes all the time. During the session representatives from Google and Facebook and a general SEO expert aim to set thins in perspective. As a long term social media and content creation expert, Janicke Hansen will moderate the panel to address content creators and business owners´ concern about how the digital world works with the new algorithm scene.

Five lies about content marketing

This discussion is moderated by Dr. Vilma Luoma-Aho. The Q&A will be held in Finnish.


This presentation reveals five common lies behind content marketing. Is it really all about content? The presentation is based on the results of an extensive Tekes-funded research, “Opening the Black Box of Content Marketing”, which was designed to discover the secret logic behind content marketing. Dr. Luoma-aho will share the stage with research partners from DNA and A-lehdet.

Future Brand: How to stand out in a crowded, distracted world

With social networks forever disrupting the way we do business, do traditional constructs like “branding” still matter? You may be surprised but because of the opportunities created by disruptive new technology, strong brands with something to say matter now more than ever. This talk recasts the role of brands in today’s digital age and provides a framework for building a solid brand, telling your story, and engaging your community.

The transformation of reality

The Q& A is moderated by Katri Saarikivi.


Humanity is sneaking back into marketing. It’s only ironic that it took technology, the machines we invented, to make it happen. In this discussion, we seek answers to how and why our reality is changing and are we heading back to an era, where buyers have as much to say as the sellers.

Moderated by Katri Saarikivi

How to utilize stories, culture and technology to transform companies?

We all must renew ourselves from time to time. At the moment many companies are facing great pressure to make significant changes in their business models – and in their operational cultures and processes. Storytelling and communication are the core competencies of modern-day leadership – and deal breaking tools behind successful renewal for companies as a whole. In this master class, we’ll discuss these and other significant factors behind the communication-centered transformation.

Building a cult to change the world

Focusing on finding ways to contribute to society and change the world instead of selling products has the potential to create a following that can do just that (and sell a lot of products too). Oatly’s story is about being a brand that wants to create positive change.

The value of trust

This Q&A session is moderated by Jaakko Tapaninen and it is held in Finnish.


In this discussion we explore the trust in media, especially human to human media, from several angles. How to build it? How to maintain it? Why is it so fragile? Can you put a price tag on it? What to do? What not to do?


Trustonomics – The currency that will determine whether we survive and thrive or fail and die

The trust in brands, media and government is at an all-time low. What can be done to change perceptions and enable companies to compete using trust as the key asset? In this Master Class Jonathan Bean will take us through the current state of trust in marketing and media, and talk about the economics of trust. We will find out how media is being redefined through the lens of trust.
The Master class will cover data from 5,000 brands and 6 million influencers, giving clues about how we can all put trust at the center of our professional lives. Trust is the currency that will determine whether we survive and thrive or fail and die. 

Moderated by Noora Pinjamaa


How to keep your emotional integrity as an influencer?

This Q&A session is moderated by Eva Torra.


Q&A session and discussion with Mippi Vuorikoski and social influencers on how to maintain your values and build self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and emotional integrity when working in the social media. Emotional intelligence or EQ has been talked about as the key skill for career success. Emotional integrity, in essence, is about being 100% honest with oneself. How to combine commercial work, personal values and the brand with daily emotions and instant reactions to feedback? This session gives you tips on how to keep cool and calm.


The Liquid Society 2025+: Digital Leadership in a 4P Economy

Today’s digital landscape is set to transform organizations, government and our notions of citizenship. We are already witnessing a global structural shift, where value sets and lifestyle patterns are changing the way we live as we look to optimize all areas of our life.  Anne Lise Kjaer’s visionary keynote covers the key issues shaping tomorrow’s digital economy. The presentation highlights how to future-proof your business to remain relevant and will explore the 4P Economy, where People, Planet, Purpose, and Profit must be balanced on the bottom line.