8.5.18 | Helsinki, Finland
8 May 2018
Clarion Hotel Helsinki
Tyynenmerenkatu 2
Helsinki, Finland

Where passion converted into business

In the world full of noise, engagement is created by quality content. Quality is guaranteed by passion. PING Festival gived the participants tangible tools for taking their work to the next level.

Expert speakers

PING Festival speakers provided the audience with stories that inspired them to think bigger.

Networking with leading brands

No matter which branch or channel the participating influencers represented - whether they were an athlete, artist, blogger, vlogger, B2B influencer, instagrammer, snapchatter or musician with an engaged audience - PING Festival offered great opportunities for networking and forming of new business contacts.

Influencer Community

At the Festival the influencers had the chance to meet with their successful colleagues, who have created careers through influencer marketing, and share their own insights with their peers.