8.5.18 | Helsinki, Finland
8 May 2018
Clarion Hotel Helsinki
Tyynenmerenkatu 2
Helsinki, Finland

What is PING Helsinki?

Welcome to PING Helsinki, a place where online influencers and influence marketing professionals meet!

PING Helsinki is for companies struggling with content marketing and content providers struggling with different cooperation options. The key figures in our community are Finland’s best influence marketing experts.

Our mission is to serve the PING Helsinki community. Let us know your needs and together we can think about the ethical aspects and find the best solutions for measuring results.

PING Helsinki is an independent, open forum that gathers the entire field of influence marketing together. Our aim is to offer training, inspiration and networking possibilities, and to create experiences that generate emotions and leave a memory.

We strive to develop influence marketing into a more professional marketing method and to increase its transparency and measurability. Another aim is to create potential for growth in the field of influence marketing. The PING Ethics code released last spring is a good start and gives you the idea what PING Helsinki is all about. Take the code into use already today – it’s free for everybody!

Our mission is to serve the PING Helsinki community. We want to know you and your needs, contemplate the ethical aspects together with you, and tackle the challenges in measuring the results of influence marketing. We are looking for real-life examples about the effects of influence marketing and our aim is to implement influence marketing into the company’s strategy and marketing plans. We want to get everybody involved in influence marketing also involved in PING Helsinki.


Our aim is to make Finnish expertise in influence marketing also internationally known. This we cannot do alone but need partners to share information, inspire and to build the future of influence marketing together with us.

PING Helsinki is an independent, open community that gathers influence marketing professionals together.

PING Helsinki is open for everybody and we hope that you will commit to developing this community with us. We believe in cooperation instead of competition: by doing together everybody working with influence marketing will get the best benefits and the end-users are rewarded with better content.

See you at PING Helsinki!

Inna-Pirjetta Lahti, Aku Varamäki ja Sanna Salovuori
founders of PING Helsinki Oy

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